Sunday, October 25, 2009

sanitize gem issue

I have used ‘sanitize’ gem to remove HTML tags from entered text
the version i was using was ‘1.0.8’

After using it for a while, i found an issue in it where calling
Sanitize.clean(“’”) will return “#39;” while quote isn’t HTML character

Looking around for a reason for this issue, i found that this is a defect that was detected in older versions and that it is now fixed in version ‘1.1.0’

So anyone who has this issue can simply remove his installed gem and install the latest one

Monday, August 31, 2009

smtp 555 5.5.2 Syntax error (Net::SMTPFatalError)

This title was part of an error message i got while dealing with action_mailer

i looked everywhere for a reason for this error message and found so many reasons but none of them matched with my case

So i liked to share why i got this error. Simply because i was adding no recipients to my email. I know it is very weird to send an email without having a recipient but getting this error message i much more weird and strange

/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/net/smtp.rb:930:in `check_response': 555 5.5.2 Syntax error. 24sm123817eyx.21 (Net::SMTPFatalError)
        from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/net/smtp.rb:899:in `getok'
        from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/net/smtp.rb:842:in `rcptto'
        from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/net/smtp.rb:834:in `rcptto_list'
        from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/net/smtp.rb:833:in `each'
        from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/net/smtp.rb:833:in `rcptto_list'
        from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/net/smtp.rb:654:in `sendmail'
        from /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/actionmailer-2.3.2/lib/action_mailer/base.rb:683:in `perform_delivery_smtp'
        from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/net/smtp.rb:526:in `start'
        from /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/actionmailer-2.3.2/lib/action_mailer/base.rb:681:in `perform_delivery_smtp'
        from /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/actionmailer-2.3.2/lib/action_mailer/base.rb:523:in `__send__'
        from /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/actionmailer-2.3.2/lib/action_mailer/base.rb:523:in `deliver!'
        from /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/actionmailer-2.3.2/lib/action_mailer/base.rb:395:in `method_missing'
        from test_sending_emails_in_ruby.rb:31 

this is the error message i got and it was solved when i added a recipient

Monday, June 29, 2009

Memory Leakage while using Mechanize

I was working on a task that scrape several web pages. After running this task for a while, i found that memory taken by my process is raising forever until it was about to eat all memory available of the server.

after some investigation regarding this matter, i knew that the problem was in my understanding to how mechanize agent works

let me explain with an example

agent =
page = agent.get(“”)

in this example, memory will be consumed because mechanize keeps history within the agent, i looked in its documentation and found that there is a parameter which is called “max_history” which when set will fix this issue i think but didn’t try

also a fix to such issue, if you don’t need history is to write your code like that

agent =
page = agent.get(“”)

That’s it, maybe this piece of information can be useful for someone facing this issue just like me

Monday, June 15, 2009

Install Mechanize On Debian

Installing mechanize gem on Debian should be as easy as running this command

gem install mechanize

but this won’t succeed unless you install these packages on your Debian machine

apt-get install libxml-dev libxslt1-dev

Once installed, gem will be installed seamlessly


if the above apt-get command didn't work with you and you got an error that package doesn't exist

try this new line

apt-get install libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev

as some packages names has changed

[Linux] Mounting windows folders

Due to my new configuration which is using Windows as my default OS and Debian shell through Virtualbox, my need to have a folder shared between these two environment become a must in order to ease file sharing and exchange.

At first, i depended on “shared folders” feature of VirtualBox which after a while failed as i always get a “Protocol Error” whenever i deal with files IO on that shared folder.

That’s why i looked for another solution that is more stable than that one and reached to using “CIFS” as a way to mount windows shared folder on my Debian machine.

The steps are very easy to be made and gives you a stable robust solution away from VirtualBox problems. i can summarize these steps as follows

  1. install on your Debian machine “smbfs” package which will add this new type of mounting called “CIFS”
  2. suppose your machine IP is “” and you shared a folder on it called “work” and this folder is secured to be used only with certain group which is administrators and one of these administrators is named “BioNuc” and have a certain password then your command will be                                                                                         mount -t cifs -o username=BioNuc ‘\\\work’ <linux-path-to-mount-on-it>
  3. After writing this line, you will be asked to insert your password in order to make mount process successful

That’s it, Enjoy sharing folders seamlessly

Monday, April 13, 2009

Giants Alliance

Two giants are there one called Windows and another called Linux. As i am fan of Windows Interfaces and Usability (by the way i use Windows XP) and also fan of the extreme shell power of Linux, I wished if i can exploit these two powers at the same time.

The solution i found was using Windows XP as my primary OS and adding Debian version on virtual machine. You may be asking why should this solution be said when it is well known and made by some many users but actually, i made some modifications to this solution.

What i did can be summarized in these following points:

  • installing debian without any interface at all, just a shell no more
  • using virtual machine shared folder technique to share a folder between my XP machine and my Linux machine
  • installed ZOC program which is a powerful shell program that allows connecting using openssh and supports multi tabs which is very important feature not available in putty
  • installed openssh-server on debian
  • fixed an IP for my debian machine so as to save my openssh configuration one time only without changing it each time i connect to it

This way, i enjoy my XP machine and whenever i need the shell of linux. i connect using openssh on my debian virtualized machine and do what i want

I use this solution while developing ROR applications, i prepared the environment i use as follows

  • installed ruby, rails, mysql on my debian machine
  • opened remote connections to mysql database so as to use MySQL Query Browser from XP machine

Now, i open my IDE on XP machine that changes in folders place in the shared folder between two machines and i open my server from virtual machine and test apps on debian machine IP rather than my localhost

This experience is great and i enjoy it so much as i feel i have the power of each environment Windows & Linux at the same time

In order to optimize the performance of my Virtual Machine somehow, i raised the priority of these virtualized processes to ‘High’ or even ‘Realtime’. it is now better but not perfect

I think in order to raise the performance significantly, i need to buy another motherboard supporting Intel VT technology. Using such technology i can move virtualization from software layer (being a process that Windows XP Scheduler deal with) to hardware layer which should improve performance as stated

That’s it, i suggest you try this experience and Enjoy as i do

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Export Google Document To WIKI STYLE Document

the idea is simple and only needed is that you do some simple steps and you are done

follow the following steps:

  • save google document as HTML file
  • view html page source and extract the html inside document body tag
  • use this great tool and add in it the html you copied and you will have the wiki style document generated

That’s it, you now have the document you wrote in WIKI style. Take this text and play with it as you wish

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Restore Your Deleted Partition

Yesterday, i passed through a great panic after wrongly deleting my 3 partitions. Suddenly i felt that i lost all my data forever and there is no way out of such problem.

First how this problem occurred ?? actually this issue aroused from “computer management” program on my Windows XP. I opened it and choose one partition and right click and chosen delete. After confirmation, i found all 3 partitions were deleted. What a stupid application !!! i don’t know why should windows has an application that deal with such sensitive parts when not sure of its performance and reliability

Anyway, after some search on the internet, i found a great application called “TestDisk”. Anyone can download this free application from here

I did download it and followed this nice tutorial who showcase how this application works and how to use it safely. I did exactly as it stated and i restored my deleted partitions back again as before with nothing being lost

Thanks “TestDisk” for the great application and you really deserve a donation.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gems vs Plugins

Which one to use GEMS or PLUGINS?
This was a question i always asked and i have searched on the internet for comparisons between each one and the other

i can see that people prefer gems for the sake that it is the new future, it has obligatory versions other than rails plugins

But as for me, i only see gems useful in these two cases
  1. when using code provided as gem outside of Rails, maybe with some ruby application
  2. if you want to share code written in gem among applications
other than that, i see plugins better and much more maintainable for each application on its own

Monday, March 9, 2009

Uploading Images from URL using Paperclip

I was searching for a way inside paperclip that uploads image from Url instead of File which is the normal behavior handled by Paperclip but I didn't find that

After too much search and trials, I reached to a solution that is easy to be implemented and handle all cases you can expect in this process

I am applying the solution inside my model but it is preferred to add a patch to Paperclip version to use so that the same logic be applied everywhere but this exercise is left for you to do

To check the code and how it evolved to handle all special cases, Please review my gist here

Cascaded HTML SELECT elements using JQuery V2

This is a small update i made to the code, This code fixes a bug detected and also get rid of some duplicated code

his is an update to the JS function

eSpace.HTML = {
cascadeLists: function(parentId, childId, callbackFunction){
var childOptions = $('#' + childId + ' option');
$('#' + parentId + childId).html(childOptions);

$('#' + parentId).change(function(){
var parent = $('#' + parentId)[0];

var selectedOptionValue = '';
if (parent.selectedIndex > -1)
selectedOptionValue = parent.options[parent.selectedIndex].value;

if (selectedOptionValue == '')
$('#' + childId).html($('#' + parentId + childId + ' option[value=""]').clone());
else {
var childs = $('#' + parentId + childId + ' option[parent="'+selectedOptionValue+'"]');
if(childs.size() == 0)
$('#' + childId).html($('#' + parentId + childId + ' option[value=""]').clone());
$('#' + childId).html($('#' + parentId + childId + ' option[parent="' + selectedOptionValue + '"]').clone());

$('#' + childId).trigger("change");

if(callbackFunction != null) callbackFunction(parent.options[parent.selectedIndex]);

$('#' + parentId).trigger("change");

Saturday, March 7, 2009

GMarks vs Foxmarks

I have found some many friends of mine interested so much in GMarks extension to sync their bookmarks from one pc to another.

As i am also interested in bookmarks sync across computers, and as i also respect google extensions and was a frequent user of Google Browser Sync until they stopped supporting such extension. I said to myself that i have to see what this extension gives

Frankly speaking, using GMarks is very ugly, yes you bookmark and tag your bookmarks but the way of retrieving tagged bookmarks is very old fashioned. It takes us back to the era of Firefox 2 of adding bookmarks in folders and then whenever you look for something, you open your bookmarks and look for what you want. SO UGLY AND OLD FASHIONED way

To understand why GMarks is a bad choice, lets have a look at what Firefox 3 introduced which became a de facto and also is going to be there later on in other browsers even google chrome

With the arrival of Firefox3, we got rid completely of two main stupid things
  • searching for bookmarks in folders, they introduced tags
  • searching bookmarks then if not there, google using one of the search engines beside navigation bar
Firefox 3 focused on value, simply we should deal only with one entity whenever we open a new tab, this entity is the location bar

Since you write keywords on you search engine to get you results, and since now you tag your bookmarks with keywords then we all agree that it is only keywords that matter. The new scenario became open a new tab, you are already on the location bar, write the keywords you are searching for, Firefox will list you tagged bookmarks and some other results from history.

Satisified then fine take any like from this collection. if not satisified then simply hit the enter key and you will be taken to search results from the search engine you prefer

Very lovely way, focusing on one position and having everything in hand for you. let's see what this GMarks did for our lovely neat scenario

Now, if you want something, you go to Gmarks tab beside tools and you will find your tags, you search for the tag you want then you find your bookmarks there. Not satisfied then google and write again the same tags you were about to use. SIMPLE WASTING YOUR TIME AND DON'T EXPLOIT MULTIPLE TAGS SEARCH NOR HISTORY SEARCH

simply guys, it is very stupid. Please get rid of this ugly extension right now. you are brainwashed with it. Simply use Foxmarks

it don't interfere in your cycle at all. It just sync on shutdown or from time to time as you configure it and whenever you add it from any other browser on same pc or another pc you get your bookmarks ready for you

it also has this features
  • compatabile on many browsers, i think safari and opera
  • has web interface to use from anywhere
  • sync passwords also encrypted if you wish to
  • has a new fancy feature added which is suggesting tags from other people to you whenever you tag your bookmark
To be also honest, i must say that Foxmarks is great but you need to disable its sync from time to time and make it on shutdown because it has currently a bug that causes a slowdown to firefox on synchronizarion

i wish this post can help you getting rid of your slavery to GMarks. see the light with Foxmarks instead

Friday, March 6, 2009

Software Update Mess

Nowadays, every software application has its own update program that is run in the background waiting for any new update to occur and notify you with it.

I see this is leading to more processes being run without any reason and taking time on startup and even bandwidth and cpu clocks

I got rid of all these after using
Filehippo software update program

this program is very nice one, it do this update idea but all these update programs are now in one place only, i stopped firefox update, apple update and so many and whenever something new exists this update program just tell me

I suggest it for anyone who hated such update programs, one for java, one for adobe reader, another for open office and so many others

Hope this may be useful small tip for Windows users like me

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cascaded HTML SELECT elements using JQuery

Many web applications at least from which i worked in demanded the existance of many select boxes stacked over each other. These HTML select boxes are used for filtering data underneath them.

But the idea is that in some cases, these ones are dependent on each other. One case can be a filter for cars that starts with types, then makes then trims and so on. In some of these filters the amount of overall filters data are not so large that they can all be retrieved with page once and then JS manipulation can be used to propagate between them.

I used to make this myself until i found myself fed up of doing things that should be generic. I looked for a plugin for JQUERY which i use as a JS framework in my application. Lucky me. i found one that does this cascading on two levels and then you can repeat on others until all get cascaded together.

The solution i found was that blog post
the solution proposed here was very nice but i found that i need to modify it somehow to be much more elegent and complete from my opinion. You may disagree with me in some modifications and it's your right to do so. Take the code and modify it as you wish

Before looking at my code, you can have a look at the post in order to be familiar with my solution.

Here is the code

cascadeLists: function(parentId, childId, callbackFunction){
var childOptions = $('#' + childId + ' option');
$('#' + parentId + childId).html(childOptions);

var parent = $('#' + parentId)[0];
if(parent.options[parent.selectedIndex].value == '')
$('#' + childId).html(childOptions.filter('[value=""]').clone());

$('#' + parentId).change(function(){
var parent = $('#' + parentId)[0];

var selectedOptionValue = '';
if (parent.selectedIndex > -1)
selectedOptionValue = parent.options[parent.selectedIndex].value;

if (selectedOptionValue == '')
$('#' + childId).html($('#' + parentId + childId + ' option[value=""]').clone());
else {
var childs = $('#' + parentId + childId + ' option[parent="'+selectedOptionValue+'"]');
if(childs.size() == 0)
$('#' + childId).html($('#' + parentId + childId + ' option[value=""]').clone());
$('#' + childId).html($('#' + parentId + childId + ' option[parent="' + selectedOptionValue + '"]').clone());

$('#' + childId).trigger("change");

if(callbackFunction != null) callbackFunction(selectedOptionValue);

In order to use this function, you will do as this example

<select id="parent"> <option value="1">xxx</option> <option value="2">xxx</option></select>

<select id="child"> <option parent="1" value="1">xxx</option> <option parent="1" value="2">xxx</option> <option parent="2" value="3">xxx</option></select>

just as your normal select boxes, but with additional IDs for each one of them and for the select box that have parent, each option state in its parent attribute the value of its parent

One Question will be: What if i want to add dummy option such as --select-- for both selects and whenever i choose this option in parent, child should be also this dummy one. Don't worry code handles this for you. If available this will be done. As for the dummy one, don't add to it a parent and let its value = ''

Now, just call the function and pass parameters:
  • parent select id
  • child select id
  • callbackFunction (optional) if you wish certain function to be called on any change to parent select, this function is called and pass to this function, the value of the option which was selected. Use this value to make any extra manipulation you want to do in the HTML page

Modification made are:
  • this method depend on option sent to it in order to show empty option on child, this isn't very nice in all cases, especially when dealing with internationalizations, in this case the data added here will have different text from a language to another. That's why i give you the ability to add empty option at the top of options and use it instead of generating one myself. that way you can choose what to write in this without changing in the JS Code The new logic is if there is an empty value option in child
  • Another option is needed is to call certain function whenever a change occurs on parent level and this function takes the new value, this way you can do any changes that was waiting such change like loading in Ajax some changes in page
  • One last change is that i see adding a parent attribute will be better than using sub_ and parent value

Thursday, February 19, 2009

MySQL 5.1 Error with Rails 2.2

if you found yourself stuck with such error

ArgumentError (NULL pointer given):
     (eval):3:in `each_hash'
     (eval):3:in `all_hashes'

then this might be useful for you.

Actually i don't know why it happened but i reached that this only happened between Rails 2.2 and MySQL 5.1
when i downgraded to MySQL 5.0 everything went fine

of course it will be nice from you to dig and search inside to know WHY THIS HAPPENED but if you have no time AS WAS THE CASE WITH ME, such info can help you survive

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Which Stemming Algorithm To use ??

suppose you want to search for something in a full database of words, using exact matching is a solution but will miss some data you may need

for example if you search for fishes, then document having fish as one of its words will be nice to retrieve them. That's why it is suggested that you use a stemmer so that words in your documents is transferred to its root making retrieval much wider than before

stemmers will take fishes and return it to fish and take your search keyword and stem also then search returning documents you want

there are many types of automatic stemming techniques, i found them to be one of those
  • Brute Force
  • Suffix Stripping
  • Lemmatisation
  • Stochastic
  • Hybrid
  • Affix
  • Matching
This is a long list of algorithms but the question that i didn't find an answer for it was which one to choose and in which cases and why
i didn't find a fast solution on the internet and i think to get a solution i have to dig inside papers published in that field

anyway, in my two projects i was using Ruby and used in both a stemmer belonging to the Affix class
i found two solutions one called porter and another called snowball

i tried both on a small list of 116 terms that i have in my db and results was the same except in these cases
  • emotionality -- emotion -- emot
  • joy -- joi -- joy
  • negativity -- neg -- negat
the first is the actual word, the second is porter result, the third is snowball result
my opinion is that the result in this small sample is 2 for snowball and 1 for porter
BUT still i can't say which one should i use, that's why i have shown these cases here in that post to see your opinions in that matter

One last point to say is that porter overstemmed negativity and snowball overstemmed emotionality

I am waiting for your comments as i need to take decision and choose one to use in my new project

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

HTML Scrapping using Javascript ((for google gadgets))

Some friends at my company were working on doing some google gadgets. A large sum of gadgets were depending on data gathered from other websites which lack of any XML or RSS service providing this data in a direct way.

Since this is a problem we will face every now and then, we started thinking about a more generic solution to use in any gadget depending on such source of data.

The solution we reached was one of these three
  1. using a scrapping service such as Dapper or Yahoo pipes to do the scrapping on behalf of us and returns a well formed XML file to use in any gadget
  2. create a google app engine that we call and it scrape the data and returns XML to us
  3. using JS for scrapping HTML pages 
the first and second solutions may seam the same and actually they are except that Dapper isn't that reliable as it sometimes fails due to extra load on it while google app engine was proven to survive under high request rates

Anyway, i liked the third solution and said to myself lets give it a try and see if it will be performant enough or not. I thought scrapping html using JS is an easy matter that can be done easily in any google gadget but i was proven not to be like that at all. I will summerize the trials i made here starting from those who failed to the last solution that worked.

  1. Depending on Google Api method "_IG_FetchXmlContent". This way failed easily because it was expecting XML document and was faced with HTML Page. It gave me parse error on Doctype line. The result is FAILURE
  2. Depending on Google Api method "_IG_FetchContent". This way gave us the html as it is and it was time to parse it using DOM Parsers built already inside browsers. I tried doing so using Firefox browser but also got parse error because this is not a XML document but HTML one and parsers available only expects XML. The result is FAILURE
  3. Repeating step 2 again but after using a regular expression to take only inner HTML of body tag. DOM Parser failed on one of the comments lines present in the HTML page which may appear in
    may pages so this isn't a generic solution to be accepted. The result is FAILURE
  4. Using Regular expression to get body inner html and then add this to a hidden div then using normal JS methods for traversing DOM nodes considering this Div as my root. The result is SUCCESS
Since, the fourth trial was successful i made a generic method that anyone can use in his gadget. this simple method will just get html and scrape based on your scrapping function. To understand what i mean, have a look at the function definition first

scrapeHTMLBody = function(url, dataHolderId, scrapeFunction){}

as in this definition we see that the function needs some parameters
  • url to retrieve html from
  • dataHolderId the id of the hidden div that the retrieved html will be added to it
  • scrapeFunction a function that takes the hidden div as a root element and use JS to get data desired "every one should write his according to what he wants to retrieve"
and this is the implementation of it

scrapeHTMLBody = function(url, dataHolderId, scrapeFunction){
_IG_FetchContent(url, function(responseText){ operate(responseText, dataHolderId, scrapeFunction); });

operate = function(responseText, dataHolderId, scrapeFunction){
  var body = /<body.*?>((.|\n|\r)*)<\/body>/.exec(responseText);
  var bodyData = body[1];
  _gel(dataHolderId).innerHTML = bodyData;

these two functions are used to get html page then retrieve body inner html then call the scrape function passing to it the if of the hidden div containing the html body
it is your responsibility now to write the scrapping function desired based that this div is the root of your DOM tree

this is an example of a scrapping function i defined

scrape = function(dataHolderId){
  var elements = _gel(dataHolderId).getElementsByClassName('main');

  var noktas = [];
  var num = elements.length;
  for(i=0 ; i<num ; i+=2) noktas.push(elements[i].childNodes[0].innerHTML);

  for(i=0 ; i<noktas.length ; i++){
    var e = document.createElement('p');
    e.innerHTML = noktas[i];

That's it, i think you are ready now to use these two functions in any gadget whose data source should be scrapped
This method should be better as here all processing is made on client machine rather than any other servers

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ubuntu No Audio Bug After Hibernating

Well, this was very annoying bug in Ubuntu latest version

but, thanks God it was fixed on 22 Jan

This is just an announcement, you can follow the ticket here

Monday, February 2, 2009

[>30] Mounting my N80 mobile on Ubuntu Machine

This shall be the first episode in my long series called ">30" which simply means that it took more than 30 minutes. I am collecting here some of the problems that i fought with for more than 30 minutes in order not even solve it but finding a resource on the internet that can relief me from such a pain.

The first episode of this series is talking about how to mount your Bluetooth device on your Ubuntu machine. I will explain such a thing on my N80 mobile and Ubuntu machine but i think anyone can use such points on any other devices and Linux machines.

Before getting into the main point, i would like to state that this post might get you the solution or not. I am writing it while doing such a task and while i am writing such introduction, i actually reach to the steps needed to get out of such misery journey. But, anyone whether we reach a solution together or not, i think this post will put you on a track to continue from so you won't lose your time reading it.

Note: points highlighted in bold style are points related to my case so it should change from one case to another.

The journey starts in this post Mounting a Nokia Phone a Little Bit Easier which is really a nice point to start with. It states these points
  • Find out your phone’s Bluetooth MAC address if you don’t know it already:
    hcitool scan
  • Find out the OBEX FTP channel it uses
    sdptool search FTP
  • Load the fuse kernel module:
    sudo modprobe fuse
  • Make a suitable mount point for your phone:
    mkdir /media/n80
  • Mount
    obexfs -bXX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX -BYY /media/n80
    (where XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX is your phone’s MAC and YY is the OBEX channel)
  • Unmount when you’re done with your file transfers:
    fusermount -u ~/Phone
the above steps depends on having some libraries installed on your pc which are obexfs and obexfs. i got them easily using apt-get. If after doing the above steps everything went well then you are done. Yes that easy but if not then continue with me to know what i did after this step.

For me, i was capable of entering the mounted folder and even list files and not only this i removed a file. i thought it is time now to copy some files from my pc to the device. after using the cp command, i took no time at all and then it finished. I was sure something went wrong because i am connecting using bluetooth and things shouldn't end that fast. I used ls command to check that it was added but then it hanged for some time and stated that the folder i am inside isn't a valid one. Simple, mounting failed. I went out and entered again and ran ls command but nothing was listed. I unmounted and remounted but it sometimes shows everything or simply nothing

In some cases, i run "hcitool scan" again and can't find my device even. I disable my bluetooth on the device and enable it to start working again.

Anyway, it was time to search for a solution for such a problem. I found this can't add files to mounted volume, no free space sony Z610i ticket. I digged inside it and read for a while and knew that they have the problem of copying files since the mounted point is stating no free space on the mounted device. They stated this is a bug and pointed to its ticket here. It stated that current version of obexfs don't manage S60 3rd edition mobiles probably and found the ticked closed invalid. Looking at comments i found someone stating that this should be fixed if i used  "ObexFTP 0.22 / ObexFS 0.11" instead of the installed ones. These should be compiled as those got by apt-get are one step behind. Ok, no problem let's compile.

prepare an empty folder then wget these files one by one
tar these files using tar -xzf for .gz files and -xjf for .bz2 files. Now lets install them in this order openobex then obexftp and obexfs. This order is important because each one depends on the previous one. But, before doing so, these are some libraries i needed while compiling so make sure you have them installed
  • python-dev
  • libfuse-dev
  • libusb-dev
  • tcl8.4-dev
  • tcl-dev
now in each folder. run "./configure" then "make" then make "install" and you should be ready to redo the steps stated above which i wrote them at the beginning of my journey.

I did so but i am sorry to say that all this was useless for me. If everything went ok with you at this step then you are ready to have fun. If not then continue with me, i still have some points to state.

I reached this link now, i noticed that there is a section for symbian mobiles that is different from other mobiles. seems that i have to continue searching but i think enough for me this night. maybe tomorrow. If you still have problems till tomorrow then wait for my next post that i wish will settle things and put an end to this misery
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