Thursday, February 19, 2009

MySQL 5.1 Error with Rails 2.2

if you found yourself stuck with such error

ArgumentError (NULL pointer given):
     (eval):3:in `each_hash'
     (eval):3:in `all_hashes'

then this might be useful for you.

Actually i don't know why it happened but i reached that this only happened between Rails 2.2 and MySQL 5.1
when i downgraded to MySQL 5.0 everything went fine

of course it will be nice from you to dig and search inside to know WHY THIS HAPPENED but if you have no time AS WAS THE CASE WITH ME, such info can help you survive


Anonymous said...

Apatana has a solution to this: You can read about it here- Aptana Forums

GePC said...

Thank you ! it works

Be Meo said...

i visited your site , it's very nice...wellcome to my blog! thank you so much!