Saturday, April 11, 2009

Restore Your Deleted Partition

Yesterday, i passed through a great panic after wrongly deleting my 3 partitions. Suddenly i felt that i lost all my data forever and there is no way out of such problem.

First how this problem occurred ?? actually this issue aroused from “computer management” program on my Windows XP. I opened it and choose one partition and right click and chosen delete. After confirmation, i found all 3 partitions were deleted. What a stupid application !!! i don’t know why should windows has an application that deal with such sensitive parts when not sure of its performance and reliability

Anyway, after some search on the internet, i found a great application called “TestDisk”. Anyone can download this free application from here

I did download it and followed this nice tutorial who showcase how this application works and how to use it safely. I did exactly as it stated and i restored my deleted partitions back again as before with nothing being lost

Thanks “TestDisk” for the great application and you really deserve a donation.

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