Saturday, March 7, 2009

GMarks vs Foxmarks

I have found some many friends of mine interested so much in GMarks extension to sync their bookmarks from one pc to another.

As i am also interested in bookmarks sync across computers, and as i also respect google extensions and was a frequent user of Google Browser Sync until they stopped supporting such extension. I said to myself that i have to see what this extension gives

Frankly speaking, using GMarks is very ugly, yes you bookmark and tag your bookmarks but the way of retrieving tagged bookmarks is very old fashioned. It takes us back to the era of Firefox 2 of adding bookmarks in folders and then whenever you look for something, you open your bookmarks and look for what you want. SO UGLY AND OLD FASHIONED way

To understand why GMarks is a bad choice, lets have a look at what Firefox 3 introduced which became a de facto and also is going to be there later on in other browsers even google chrome

With the arrival of Firefox3, we got rid completely of two main stupid things
  • searching for bookmarks in folders, they introduced tags
  • searching bookmarks then if not there, google using one of the search engines beside navigation bar
Firefox 3 focused on value, simply we should deal only with one entity whenever we open a new tab, this entity is the location bar

Since you write keywords on you search engine to get you results, and since now you tag your bookmarks with keywords then we all agree that it is only keywords that matter. The new scenario became open a new tab, you are already on the location bar, write the keywords you are searching for, Firefox will list you tagged bookmarks and some other results from history.

Satisified then fine take any like from this collection. if not satisified then simply hit the enter key and you will be taken to search results from the search engine you prefer

Very lovely way, focusing on one position and having everything in hand for you. let's see what this GMarks did for our lovely neat scenario

Now, if you want something, you go to Gmarks tab beside tools and you will find your tags, you search for the tag you want then you find your bookmarks there. Not satisfied then google and write again the same tags you were about to use. SIMPLE WASTING YOUR TIME AND DON'T EXPLOIT MULTIPLE TAGS SEARCH NOR HISTORY SEARCH

simply guys, it is very stupid. Please get rid of this ugly extension right now. you are brainwashed with it. Simply use Foxmarks

it don't interfere in your cycle at all. It just sync on shutdown or from time to time as you configure it and whenever you add it from any other browser on same pc or another pc you get your bookmarks ready for you

it also has this features
  • compatabile on many browsers, i think safari and opera
  • has web interface to use from anywhere
  • sync passwords also encrypted if you wish to
  • has a new fancy feature added which is suggesting tags from other people to you whenever you tag your bookmark
To be also honest, i must say that Foxmarks is great but you need to disable its sync from time to time and make it on shutdown because it has currently a bug that causes a slowdown to firefox on synchronizarion

i wish this post can help you getting rid of your slavery to GMarks. see the light with Foxmarks instead

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nebim said...

" GMarks is very ugly, wish this post can help you getting rid of your slavery to GMarks." !!!!
I completely disagree with this statement...... Gmarks is the most beautiful and practical firefox extension and I cannot imagine how i browse without using it almost every day.