Monday, June 15, 2009

[Linux] Mounting windows folders

Due to my new configuration which is using Windows as my default OS and Debian shell through Virtualbox, my need to have a folder shared between these two environment become a must in order to ease file sharing and exchange.

At first, i depended on “shared folders” feature of VirtualBox which after a while failed as i always get a “Protocol Error” whenever i deal with files IO on that shared folder.

That’s why i looked for another solution that is more stable than that one and reached to using “CIFS” as a way to mount windows shared folder on my Debian machine.

The steps are very easy to be made and gives you a stable robust solution away from VirtualBox problems. i can summarize these steps as follows

  1. install on your Debian machine “smbfs” package which will add this new type of mounting called “CIFS”
  2. suppose your machine IP is “” and you shared a folder on it called “work” and this folder is secured to be used only with certain group which is administrators and one of these administrators is named “BioNuc” and have a certain password then your command will be                                                                                         mount -t cifs -o username=BioNuc ‘\\\work’ <linux-path-to-mount-on-it>
  3. After writing this line, you will be asked to insert your password in order to make mount process successful

That’s it, Enjoy sharing folders seamlessly

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